Simple fried chicken recipe

fried chicken
Chicken has become one food or dish that can be processed into a variety of delicious cuisine, delicious, and a champion. Not only that, the chicken meat was also one of a healthy diet and not easy to make nauseated. When talking about the chicken dishes, this time Vemale has a simple recipe of chicken. Recipe fried chicken is a simple but delicious champion. resep kue cubit

Because of the delicacy of fried chicken, at least it is suitable as a side dish menu for iftar and vegetable side dishes. To make this fried chicken itself, about what materials are needed and how do I make it? Consider the following.


1 kg chicken (cut to taste, wash)
Right amount of oil)
5 cm galangal (crushed)
1 bay leaf
Enough water)
2 lime leaves

Ground spices

Salt to taste)
5 eggs hazelnut
1 tbsp coriander
5 cm turmeric
Chicken broth powder (to taste)
5 cloves garlic
3 spring onions

How to make

Saute ground spices until fragrant then add a little water in it. Enter ginger, bay leaves, lime leaves and chicken meat.
Mix all ingredients and cook or boil until cooked chicken meat and spices to infuse and ASAT.
If so, remove the chicken and drain briefly.
Prepare a skillet that has given cooking oil and heat. Fried chicken until a yellow-brown.
Remove the chicken fry and serve as a side dish or menu iftar meal. aneka resep kue

Ladies, that’s the recipe to make fried chicken simple but delicious champion. The recipes are very easy is not it? Good luck and hopefully useful this recipe. For those of you who are fasting, congratulations fasting huh?

How to make pudding

Fasting in Ramadan, as now, takjil iftar meal which was very tasty and healthy is takjil menu fresh and sweet. When talking about takjil open, fresh and sweet, of course, the pudding can be one takjil the fresh and sweet.

Pudding is one food that most liked by everyone. The taste is sweet, fresh and filling to make a pudding to be one of the mainstay dish when breaking fast. Typically, this pudding will be made during the morning or afternoon before eating during the evening iftar. Unfortunately, because of pudding made long ago, it is not uncommon pudding will easily melt or contain a lot of water. Moreover, if the pudding is stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

Well, that is not easy runny pudding? What can we do? Quoted from several sources and also the result of his own experiences as well as some friends, so that is not easy watering puddings there are some tips that can be done. And the following tips.

resep puding coklat
The first tip is reducing the dose of water that you use to make a pudding. If you usually make one sachet pudding with 3 cups of water, try to use only 2 cups of water. Puddings made with less water will be more durable, more viscous texture and not easy watering.
For the second tips, keep the pudding served still fresh. If you go fast and enjoy pudding at half past 6 or 6 hours a night, make pudding at around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. We need to know, custard stored for a long time it will be easier watery or become mushy.
Regarding the next tips, do not cover the pudding is still hot. Closing the pudding is still hot in the mold will actually make steam pudding stuck in the lid and make watering easy pudding.
Avoid storing in the freezer very humid. Puddings were stored in the refrigerator it will be easier watering. Water in Pudding pudding could have been derived from itself or from the water vapor in the refrigerator.

Ladies, that’s a few tips that pudding is not easy watering. Now, more and know how to save the pudding so it was not easy watering? Oh yes, if you have more tips, please do not forget to share in the comments field. Hopefully, this information is useful and good running fast for running

How to get rid of acne naturally


Pimples that appear on the face, it will definitely cause scars on the skin. Moreover, if the acne scars that appear in areas of easy looks, so it would make us less confident. Therefore, every woman must be willing to do whatever it various ways to eliminate them. Good natural way using traditional ingredients or using instant way at beauty salons. How to get rid of acne can be lost quickly if coupled with determination and maximum effort to eliminate them.

how to remove acne scars
Acne scars are generally black or brown, so it will make the face look dirty. So to avoid this, if you have acne, you should avoid to squeeze and hold for acne that does not cause scars. For those who want to remove acne scars quickly and naturally, please refer to the following for more:

The first way is to overcome acne scars with honey. Honey has a content that is antibacterial and is also beneficial to soften the skin. So honey is often used as a treatment for beauty. One of the benefits of honey is to remove acne scars, so you can try using honey to eliminate them. The trick to smear honey on the area covering acne scars, massage for a few minutes, let stand. After that, rinse with warm water.

Next is how to remove acne scars with tomatoes. Tomatoes contain vitamin A, which serves to stimulate the production of collagen to heal the skin, one of which is to remove acne scars. How to use it pretty easy, you just slice the tomatoes into slices, then the tomato paste on acne scars. Let stand for a few minutes, rinse with clean water. Do it this way at least 2 times a day to get the maximum results.
Furthermore, namely tips bengkoang treat acne scars. Since ancient times bengkoang has been known as one of the ingredients that are widely used as beauty products, ranging from facials to skin care. Bengkoang sari is usually used to smooth the skin and whitens the skin. You can try using bengkoang to remove acne scars by the way, took a few pieces of yam, then blend until smooth, then rubbed on the face to dry. After that, rinse with warm water. To get the maximum results you can use 1 week 2 times.

How to educate children


Have a good boy attitude, intelligent and obedient is the dream of anyone. Therefore intuk have the child with the above criteria is entirely the responsibility of parents in educating children as early as possible. So how to educate children is good and right ?. In theory it seems easy but the applicability is not all parents managed to do it.

How to educate children must be understood as a whole not just one part of it. So that children grow up with either intact intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally. So educating children should be efforts to encourage and motivate children toward positive for meenukan bold new things intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally. All three are not separated much less eliminated.

A common mistake parents make is they felt they had enough just to put the child to school. After all, they were also taught in schools berbagail things. In this position, the possibility of failure in educating a child is in sight. Supposedly responsibilities as parents in print quality child can not get there alone. What should be done ?.

1. Teach Independence and Responsibility Since Childhood

Generally, parents have excessive anxiety in children. Then not again be too much concerned about children and overprotective. Learn to trust your baby but still watching from a distance without restraint and protect the mistakes made. Teach your baby to know his objects and merapikanya after playing. When it entered the school year to teach them to prepare keperluanya, give pocket money to be directed to set aside as savings.

2. Teach and Grow Child’s Curiosity

At the age of their children have a high curiosity. When melihal objects or something that has never been seen and understood, then usually they will ask.
3. Teach and Grow Kids Argued Capabilities

Generally parents indifferent to the child’s opinion. They too consider it important views of children. In fact, when the child’s opinion was ignored then it can affect a child minder made not dare argue. As a parent you should learn to listen to the views of the child, if it can be corrected his opinions are correct. For example, by giving a positive response when a child argues with positive praise meberi though his opinions carelessly. If your child is shy, with additional children then you can provide feedback by asking questions that trigger your baby to catapult his opinion. \

4. Teach and Grow Social Sense, Sympathize, Emapti, etc.

As a human sense of social responsibility, sympathy, empathy, and the attitude is very important. So that children grow up to be people who respect other people as early as possible then teach them to understand the surrounding environment. Teach your child to give to those in need, and do not be arrogant. For example there are beggars, let your baby gives. Then give an explanation of why we have to give and share.

5. Give Tauladan Good, Be Example

As parents, the attitudes and our behavior is a prime example that will be followed by our baby. If you want our children to be polite, bertuturkata good, then we must always behave like that as an example. If you want our children to religious, then we must give an example of what people are religious. Thus the attitude of parents is a prime example and role model for their children. ,

How to Make Children Be Healthy

Based on data from Health Research Association in 2013, showed that the problem of stunting (short) in infants is still quite serious, which is about 37.2%. On the other hand, the prevalence of obese children under five are also high at 11.9%. Then how traits and how to make the child healthy?

Chairman of the Indonesian Pediatric Association (IDAI) Jaya once pediatrician, Dr. Rini Sekartini, SpA (K) explains, the child can be said to be healthy if it is rarely sick, can grow and develop to its potential.

“Genetic and environmental factors play important roles in this regard. For the healthy growth of children require nutrition, complete immunization, sleep and play activities. In addition, children also need love and stimulation to the stage of the child’s age,” said Dr. Rini Sekartini in office IDAI Jaya, Jakarta. Fisika dan Matematika

In order for children to grow well, the nutritional needs of note in the first 100 days of life. Thus, the child has a good immunity and intelligence. In addition, the development of the child in order to run properly, parents should also be monitored.

Monitoring can be done by measuring and ensuring weight, height, and head circumference in accordance with the growth of his age.

“To make the child healthy, tall, and intelligent, there are two important factors, which meet the basic needs of children, nutrition, immunization, stimulation, play activities, and getting enough sleep are also monitoring the growth and development of children. Monitoring can be done one not once by age less than one year. After one year, regular monitoring is done every three to six months, “he concluded.

Sports Tips When Fasting

Although the need to resist hunger and thirst during fasting, no means you have to laze around. You also still encouraged to do a variety of activities, such as exercise. Sport while fasting is believed to provide good benefits to health.

Well, to keep the energy when the sport amid fasting, make sure you eat the right foods. Reporting from Gulf News, dietician at Prime Hospital, Sakina Mustansir said, the type of food and the intake required depends on the intensity of exercise. The reason, will directly influence the energy level.

For light sport and the medium such as walking, jogging, yoga, Pilates, and cardio sessions short, should be done a few hours after iftar. For food, Sakina recommends eating snacks combined with orange drink.

“Can 3-4 dates with orange or lemon juice to add energy, also drink enough,” said Sakina.

Furthermore, in order to replace the lost energy, consumption of fruit or protein after exercise. Food consisting of vegetables with protein from chicken, fish or turkey is recommended consumed 45 minutes to an hour after exercise.

Sakina also advised to eat food mixed with complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, quinoa, oat and healthy fats such as nuts, avocados, and flaxseed. The food is cooked in olive oil or coconut oil.

However, if high-intensity exercise, it is recommended consumption of 1.5 to 2 liters of water during exercise. This method is also believed to prevent lack of fluids and stay energized. Approximately 2.5 to 4 liters of water should be consumed between iftar and sahur.

Heavy intensity exercise such as lifting weights or race should be one to one and a half hours after iftar. Replace the lost energy by eating dates with juice and soup. Balance with eating vegetables, protein and complex carbohydrates.

examples of English conversation selling

Sample conversation Purchase Negotiation – Negotiation is a bargaining process between the two sides in order to reach an agreement. Dlam various things we often negotiated in everyday life, such as the purchase of goods or offer salaries.

In the negotiations, there is a desire between the two sides, and that both parties can get their own then the negotiations can help both parties to get his wish. The following examples negaoisasi conversation between the seller and the buyer.

contoh percakapan bahasa inggris sederhana

Sample conversation Negotiating Purchase

Kusuma: hallo. Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings. True to Mr. suherman?

Suherman: you are right. Sorry, who is this???

Kusuma: I Kusuma Wijaya. I was looking for land, and my sister notify associated advertising sale of land that you plug in the print media dawn. Therefore, I contacted the father associated with the ad land which you plug in the newspaper.

Suherman: yes, absolutely pack kusuma. I will sell the land area of ​​1,5ha in the area Serbajadi. Mr. interested ???

Kusuma: right sir, I happened is still looking for land in rural areas. And I think you answered my dream land. Shall I could meet with you to continue this conversation?

Suherman: wow, what a coincidence. Hopefully destined yes sir. Of course it can pack. When did you meet? Mr. affords the schedule, because every day I was there in the fields, so anytime Okay.

Kusuma: wah father’s land seems vast yes, too many fields. It so happens that if the father every day in the fields I want to see the father in the fields while reviewing the site how to pack?

Suherman: oh, of course gladly. So when the pack?

contoh conversation

Kusuma: how to pack the day after 10 hours?

Suherman: I mah flexible pack, is OK.

Kusuma: thank God, may I ask for your home address and the address fields pack

Suherman home address jl. Tulungdijawab No. 359 rt rw 117 298 excl. Sibayan, and to address Lawah located in Serbajadi, trivial tomorrow when you get home, there was my son who will take you here.

Kusuma: oh, okay sir. See you tomorrow pack. Assalamualaikum.

Suherman: yes sir, waalaikumusalam.

Today was changed, the sun began to lighten. Suherman very hopeful pack kusuma so buy the land. Suherman needed money from the sale of the land for her children’s school fees that would go into medicine.

Kusuma: assalamualaikum ????????

Suherman: waalaikumusalam wr. Wb. Want to find out who the pack?

Kusuma: suherman pack? I kusuma who yesterday called will see the land.

Suherman: oh yes, Mr. Kusuma Wijaya, right? Come in, sir, I was just going to the fields.

Kusuma: Then we’ll go straight to the field, sir, let me quickly affairs.

Suherman: o .. Well, wait a minute yes sir. (Suherman prepared, not long after he came out with a motorhome), let’s pack our kusuma to the scene.

Arriving in the field ..

Suherman: This land that I will sell a pack, the extent of 1.5 ha. The location close to the main road.

Kusuma: hmmm, how to plant on this land, sir?

examples of English conversation about education

A conversation between two people talking about education can only be done between education experts to discuss a topic or gaps, or between teachers and parents, with educational specialists and other information with the media. Here’s an example of a conversation between two people themed education between teachers and parents.


Parents: assalamualaikum, good morning sir, I have an appointment to meet with homeroom x-h, Ainun.

Security guard: let the mother, please wait a moment. Mom can sit here, while I would call a Ainun.

Pak security guard comes along Ainun.

Ainun: assalamualaikum mother, my homeroom Ainun diamond. I’m so glad my mother came to meet the call. There is little that I want to talk with the mother. Maybe we can get to my room, let the mother.

Ainun in the room ..

Ainun: please sit mother. Wait a minute ya mother. (Ainun, toward his desk, took the test results belong to diamond).

Ainun back toward the mother diamonds.

Parents: so, what adamasalah with my child’s mother? Why do mothers want to meet privately with me ???

Ainun: become like a mother, I want to tell you about the child’s mother, diamond sukawati.

Parents: yes yes, diamonds sukawati is my son. Is there any problem???

Ainun: little bu, before I want to ask if the diamond to the mother told me about something? Or whether there is a problem in the house, ma’am? Or is there a problem with her boyfriend?
Parents: I sealu attention to the state of my children, including diamonds. No problems with anything in the house. And diamonds do not have a lover as a mother intent, so no problem with that. Is there anything bu?

Ainun: good. Look mom, it was the last two months, diamond impaired mother. This is a report values ​​obtained diamond. From the reports I received from teachers of subjects said that diamonds are also experiencing a decline in enthusiasm for learning. Following up on the report, as homeroom course I do not want any trouble with my students. I personally had a private conversation with diamonds, but diamonds do not give a satisfactory answer. According to my observations, there are hidden behind the face. I am afraid that things happen that are not desirable diamond. I know very well, the diamond was not being cold like that. Intan known as a vivacious and intelligent, forthright during these two months we lost a diamond figure like that. I try searching by inquiring with friends sepermainan diamond, but no yanng know the circumstances that befall inta now. From there I believe that diamonds are hiding something from others. I hope, diamonds do not hide it from the mother.

contoh percakapan bahasa inggris tiga orang

Finally the diamond mother opened her mouth.

Parents: (sigh), I am very grateful mother had to watch my son. It is true bu, there are things that are hidden diamonds from all of you. There is a problem in our family. It’s been two months, me and her father diamonds, are separated. Intan and her sisters did not megharapkan this is happening, so are we. However, if the two were irreconcilable they should be separated. And I have to earn for a living. Perhaps it is this that shook the diamond.

examples of English in phone conversations

Conversation is a dialogue that occurs two or more people for the call. The emergence of a conversation between two or more people is because there is an interesting topic to talk about, and will convey the information. Conversation is an oral communication that can happen anywhere. The following will be given an example of a conversation between two people over the phone to be used as reference Indonesian task.

belajar grammar bahasa inggris
Sarah: Hello, Assalamualaikum, sendy ???
Sendy: Waalaikumsalam. Yes, it is true. Sorry, who is this???
Sarah: Haih !!!! Sendy !!! How are you??? It’s me, you forgot ???
Sendy: Aigoo, Sarah ???? Yes, this sarah the shrill si ??? I remember this was definitely sarah. Distinctive voice. Ha ha ha
Sarah: Ah shit, you remember only the surname. Hahaha, how are you ??? I think you’ll change your phone number.
Sendy: Of course I remember. The voice is second to none, originally yours. Ha ha. Thank God how I was doing well here. Demi stay in touch, I do not change the phone number, so that people will easily reach me. And what about you Sarah. You’re busy asking how I was, what about you ???
Sarah: Oh so, you’re right Sendy. In contrast to you, I’d change the numbers and do not confirm to the crowd. Ha ha ha. Okay then I will apprise the people about my new number. Thank God, am I doing here is good too, good health. Busy are you now ??? Still with shooting ??? You’re so famous now. You’re still in Seoul ???
Sendy: Yes, you should tell people if change number, who knows anyone wants to give sustenance either work or any of the people that you know. It also was the reason. Due to the advent of silahturahmi sarah sustenance. Well, thank goodness you been healthy. Alhamdulillah, I’m a little roll right now, tonight there is a new event in paris fashion week again. Hehehe, thank God anyway. I never thought my life would be like this. I’m in Paris right now Sarah. Next week had returned to Seoul.

contoh percakapan bahasa inggris sehari-hari
Sarah: Yes you’re right. I will follow your advice. Wow, Paris Fashion Weeks ??? You were great, you’ll meet top international designer-designer. I really envy you. You’re so lucky. You got a scholarship to go abroad, but you can also walk around everywhere. Not like I’m here …

English conversation examples of praise

The following is a conversation of two people in the class to give a compliment to his friend.
Shanti: It’s because the more we delay the task will be more and more. What about your job?

Budiman: if I do not do it.

rumus simple present tense

Shanti: Well you should be more diligent Bud. Change attitude malasmu it because if you’re lazy, you will be hard to achieve your dreams.

Frances: Yes, Shanti true. You should have to prioritize school assignments than playing time.

Budiman: I’m not lazy, but only because I do not know how to solve them.

Shanti: If you do not understand, do not just stay quiet. You were like a pacifist, you should be more active to ask both to teachers and to us, your friends.

Fransisika: I thought you were a smart kid anyway, but just a little bit lazy.

Budiman: Thank you friends. You are a very good friend and care about me.

conversation 3

Ruth: Hey friends, what do you think of my new dress?

Revi: Hmm. You look very elegant today by wearing good clothes it.

Sofi: I think that is good is not her clothes but because of intelligence Ratihlah in mixing and matching clothing.

General: You were smart in terms of the latest fashion styles, but unfortunately I think you wear shoes that do not match the color with the color of your clothes should you wear black shoes.

Ratih: ohh, terimaksih for your suggestion Court.

contoh kalimat bahasa inggris sederhana

Sofi: Eh friends what if after returning from school later we kerumahku?

General: Weve out what’s in your house Sof?

Revi: Hush, Agung you’re not polite to ask such a question. As if you just want to go for something.

Ruth: Yes Court too honest in talking. Actually say it was good, but you have to look at the situation right.

General: Yes, then I’m sorry.

Revi: Baguss ..! acknowledge and apologize for the error is a real man of action.

Sofi: Already-own does nothing. I understand the Court did not mean to say that.

Ruth: Yasudah then let us go to class for an hour lesson will begin.